Colorado Puppies
Welcome Friends,
We are a small canine breeding facility focused on quality and health.  We breed Golden Retrievers & Goldendoodles.  We only have a few pairs in each breed.  All of our breeding stock have been selected for pedigree, conformation and health. Most dogs are retired from breeding by the time they reach six years of age and are placed in either therapy programs or homes.  We will help families find homes for pups that we produce if they become displaced. 

There is a no kill policy.  Lil Haven Kennel, LLC or Colorado Puppies participates in limited dog rescue work, mainly focused on whelping out pregnant females who were en route to shelters.  Rescue dogs are re-homed and altered as funds are available.

We help foster or take in the following breeds for placement:  Mini Dachshunds, Goldendoodles, Golden Retrievers,  Labradoodles, Labrador Retrievers, Maltese, Morkies, Standard Poodles, and Yorkshire Terriers. We deal with rescue dogs, dogs in Colorado, puppies for sale in Colorado, Colorado puppies, dog breeders in Colorado, licensed dog breeders, animal shelters, dogs for sale, puppies for sale, Colorado dog breeders, animal rescues, animal rehabilitation, therapy dogs, and handicap programs.

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